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HR28’s intuitive platform takes the stress out of supporting your staff.

Holiday Planning Made Simple

Holiday Planning Made Simple

We know what it’s like. Someone requests two weeks off, their manager approves it, but nobody told the supervisor. All hell breaks loose — right in time for the deadline.

Let HR28 handle your holidays instead. HR28 organises your employees' annual leave, leaving you free to run the business.

Everyone's on the Same Page

Full visibility to all staff, so everyone knows who's off when.

Stay Updated

24/7 access, with a Daily Summary in your inbox each morning.

Tracked & Reported

Prevent staff exceeding their holiday allowances.

Holiday Planning Made Simple
Absence Management

Absence Management

Absence Management

Track absence by employees and departments, to have full visibility into absenteeism.

Reduce absenteeism with return to work interviews, tracked and recorded, to help the business and employees avoid unnecessary time off.

Track Absenteeism

Gain visibility into high and low areas of absence

Return to Work Interviews

Minimise future time off

Improve Productivity

Watch your absence rates drop over time

Company Announcements

Company Announcements

Need to get an important message to the company? To a specific department? Or just to key people?

Use HR28 to issue important messages and announcements to anyone or everyone.

Make "missing" emails a thing of the past, with a permanent audit trail for your most important announcements.

Logged & Recorded

Know exactly who read what, and when.

Simple & Quick

A central messaging area for all staff to refer to.

Secure & Dependable

Messages are kept forever, and visible only to those who matter.

Company Announcements
Digital Training Records

Digital Training Records

Digital Training Records

Say goodbye to pieces of paper flying around that never make it to the filing cabinet.

HR28 keeps a record of all the training you provide to your staff. Their training records are available for them to view at all times, so they can refresh their memory when required.

Protect your business with a permanent record of who was told what, when.

Protect Your Business

A full audit trail of training ensures everyone stays informed.


Access from anywhere, on any device, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Reminders and Updates

Re-issue training notes with one click and have visibility on all training.

Digital HR File

Digital HR File

Throw your filing cabinet out of the window — store your employee's HR documents securely, safely, and easily online.

HR28's cloud-based document storage is fully encrypted. Unlimited storage space, combined with an easy organisational system, makes paper records a thing of the past.

Unlimited Storage

Store all the documents you could ever need online.

Secure & Encrypted

Documents are protected with AES-256 military-grade encryption.

Easy Access

Documents can be searched, uploaded and updated whenever necessary.

Digital HR File
Employment Document Library

Employment Document Library

Employment Document Library

Gain access to a full library of employment-related template documents, to deal with whatever situation your business faces.

Whether you need to make an amendment to contract, send a disciplinary letter, or prepare maternity leave documentation, HR28 gives you peace of mind, knowing you're legally compliant in every situation.

Fully Compliant

Documents are kept up-to-date as legislation changes

Quick and Easy

Dynamic templates make preparing documents a breeze

Over 50 Documents

A massive library at your disposal

Live HR Support

Live HR Support

HR28 is supported by dedicated HR experts, who are on hand to assist you with any employment or HR related queries that you may have.

At the click of a mouse, you can be talking online to a specialist HR consultant using our live web chat.

Instant Access

Live web-based support, whenever you need it

Expert Advice

Queries handled only by highly qualified HR consultants


Our team of solution–driven experts are on your side

Live HR Support
New Starter Onboarding

New Starter Onboarding

New Starter Onboarding

Taking a new member of staff on? Let HR28 generate a Contract of Employment, and send it to your new recruit to be digitally signed.

Take new employees on with the peace of mind that the contracts you're issuing are legally compliant with current employment legislation.

Stay Compliant

New contracts are always up-to-date with legislation changes

Stored Online

Employee documents are automatically uploaded to their Digital HR File

Seamless Integration

Make a great first impression on new employees

Employment Law Alerts

Employment Law Alerts

Don't get left behind when the law changes.

HR28 provides you with regular updates and practical advice whenever there are important developments in employment law.

Stay Updated

Regular updates will inform you of everything you need to know

Instant Alerts

Urgent notifications are provided for significant developments

Clearly Explained

Complex legislation and case law, clearly and concisely explained

Employment Law Alerts